February 29, 2012

Getting to Know: Jordon Vaden

Brighton (Colo.) Prairie View receiver Jordon Vaden, arguably the Centennial State's best receiver from this year's senior class, reveals more about himself in this segment of Getting to Know Colorado State's Class of 2012.

What sold you on Colorado State?

Jordon Vaden: "Really, it was the family atmosphere. At first I was sold with Coach Fairchild and his staff and the approach they had. Everybody seemed like they cared about you and it wasn't just about football - it was bigger than football. They want you to be a successful person. When Coach McElwain was hired, it was still basically the same staff as Fairchild and they kept the atmosphere going and he was bringing in his own recruits and own coaches, and they kept that same vibe going. I was just really comfortable there."

What impressed you the most about Coach McElwain?

"His confidence - he was really confident in the athletic director and what the future of CSU will look like. He knows that if you do things the right way, you're always going to get positive results. That sold me automatically. He had a big confidence aura about him."

What was your favorite part of your official visit to Fort Collins?

"I liked eating at Sonny Lubick's restaurant and getting to talk to the other recruits. It was fun hanging out with some of the players and then hanging out with some of the coaches too - that was kind of a big deal. They took the time to actually sit down and have dinner with you and have a conversation, not just try to impress you and throw out a bunch of flashy things to make you want to come to their school."

What specifically will you bring to the Colorado State football program?

"I think I bring a lot of skill. I'm a bigger wide receiver for them to use. Right now we have a lot of shorter receivers and some fast guys that seem to me like they're better fits for the slot position. But I'm going to bring some size and hopefully some athleticism to the offensive scheme."

What makes you so special as a player?

"Personally I think it's my ability to do everything. I wouldn't say I'm great at one thing - I'm good at all things. So, I don't really think I have a weak spot. Plus, I'm a little bit bigger, but I move like a smaller guy."

What do you need to work on to get better?

"Right now I'm building on my frame trying to put some weight on so I can take the pounding in college football. I'm gaining right now - I've already put on eight pounds. I'm also working on some explosiveness. I've always been pretty good in a short area, but for a guy that can potentially put more weight on you want to try and keep that. So that's what I'm doing."

What has been your most memorable moment in your football career?

"Probably beating Brighton my junior year. Actually, all the Brighton games because that's a big rivalry in our town. Those games were always memorable. We were 2-2 against them - each year we switched off winning and losing. Even in the losses those will always be memorable because they were great games and you always learn the most from them."

Most embarrassing moment in football?

"My freshman year in my very first play on varsity, they lined me up against one of the top linebackers in the state who played at Monarch. I went to go block him on a crack back when he wasn't looking and he just pile drived me - ran right over the top of me. So that's how I got introduced to varsity football."

Favorite player of all time?

"Walter Payton - we have a family connection to him. He's a distant cousin of my grandmother. I like to say he's family. He's always been a player I've liked to watch because of his smoothness and the passion that he played the game with."

What will you major in?

"I'm trying to choose between marketing and journalism."

Favorite hobbies?

"Mostly sports…I just love competing. One of my favorite things to do is just go out and compete and try to be the best I can. Music and dancing are my other ones. I really like to dance."

Favorite movie?

"The Incredible Hulk"

Do you have a celebrity crush?

"No not really."

Do you have any nicknames?

"On the football team we all had super hero or villain names, and mine was Darth Vader just because it goes off my last name."

What's something about you most people probably don't know?

"I really like poetry. Poetry is really big to me, and one of my biggest hobbies is I like to write poetry. It's one of those things I've always done since I was little."

Do you play any other sports?

"Basketball and track"

Any other special talents?


What's your message for Ram fans?

"All the recruits we've signed that are coming in, we've all been talking and we're really excited about coming in and to get this program back to where it was at. There was a time when CSU was kind of like Boise State when they were the up-and-coming team and dominating the Mountain West. We want to get back to that, and there's a lot of talent coming in. Just don't undersell CSU. Give us our time to develop and when we get going, it's going to be a really good program."

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