QA: Marquise Law

With such a young group, there are a lot of unknowns about Colorado State's offense in 2010, especially at wide receiver. Tuesday, caught up with Rams wide out Marquise Law to get his impression on how CSU is looking early into fall camp.
Matt Stephens: As a true freshman coach Steve Fairchild was hoping to try and play you, but it didn't work out. Last year, pretty much the same thing. Are you ready to step up in a starting role this season?
Marquise Law: I'm just ready to go out and get my own and help my offense. I really want to be part of a team and "unity" is the team phrase this year, so I'm really ready to give to that.
MS: All together, how does this group of receivers look right now?
ML: I love these guys, all of us are like brothers, too. We're tight, we all push each other and compete against each other, but at the same time it's like a sibling rivalry-all of us want to stand out. We come out here every day and one day it will be me being the star, the next day it will be Byron, then TJ, then Tyson. I'm loving it, it's really a fast tempo and this is the best camp we've had as a receiver group in a long time.
MS: Is there a quarterback you feel more comfortable with?
ML: Not really, whoever is throwing the ball, I'm just gonna go get it. The quarterbacks are kinda like us (the receivers)--one day it will be Nico and maybe the next day it'll be Pete. My job as a receiver is just no matter who is throwing it, even if it's a running back throwing it, I gotta go get that ball.
MS: How would you compare the skill level of this group of receivers to last year?
ML: I feel like last year our group of receivers were just as talented as us, but I feel like there is a harder work ethic this year. This group has been together for a while. We all came in with Coach Fairchild, so this is his group, and all we know is each other so we're tighter and we just work harder.